About Us

About the Counselor: 
    Since 1995, I have been providing counseling to those who have entrusted me with their story and their hope for solutions. I consider that trust to be a privilege. I greatly respect each individual I serve, with the goal in mind to help each person find their inner self and strength, which can lead them in the direction of living life better.
    I myself have been fortunate to have education and opportunity available, yet, like each of us, have had to overcome life obstacles as well. I have found that within us lies a deep strength and spiritual power to not only endure, but to find happiness and success,  using direction from within and help from those who care!

Office Manager: Sherrie Knudson
I am the friendly face that welcomes you at Gapp Counseling Services. I answer the phone, schedule the appointments, and receive your co-pay. I will do my best to work with you to accommodate your billing and insurance needs.